Helping forward thinkers capitalize on materials science innovation.

Existing products. New Solutions.

Tundra equips businesses to enhance existing products, pursue new solutions, and reduce manufacturing costs.

A new science in materials.

From our founding in 2004 to this day, Tundra’s goal has remained the same: to redefine materials science by producing highly filled composites that deliver an unrivaled combination of performance and value.

Tundra is built on a foundation of materials science expertise spanning more than 30 years — and nearly two centuries of collective composites experience. Our team’s dedication has yielded a number of patented, groundbreaking advances that have transformed how materials can be used to deliver substantial advantages for businesses, industries and consumers alike.

Kurt Heikkila: Tundra’s driving force.

While all business success requires the effort of a talented team, one individual is often the driving force. For Tundra, that individual is Kurt Heikkila.

Most of Kurt’s 80+ patents fall within advanced polymers and composites. His inventions include the commercialization of the microwave popcorn bag, the Fibrex® material used in Renewal by Andersen® windows, and a non-lead automotive wheel weight, just to name a few. The secret behind Kurt’s prolific career? “I’ve always worked in things I understand and with people I like,” he says.

Applied science in the truest sense.

Whether delivered as a composite material, service or licensed technology, Tundra chemistry is helping customers enhance their existing product performance, reduce manufacturing costs and boldly pursue new solutions and markets.

Today, innovators worldwide team with Tundra to build unique benefits and greater value into their offerings. In fact, if you’re in almost any location in the U.S., you are within one mile of Tundra technology being used in some way.

Our technology is currently hard at work in industries ranging from automotive and construction to recreation and consumer products. But the possibilities are also endless in industries such as packaging, electronics, agriculture and many others. In fact, we are discovering new applications for our chemistry almost daily. Yours could be next.